Scrap My Car

Scrap Your Car

If you would like to dispose of your unwanted vehicle, because of ever increasing motoring costs, we can scrap your car in an environmentally friendly manner. We offer competitive prices. Would you like to dispose of your vehicle after a minor or major accident, MOT failure, or because of astronomical insurance prices we can purchase your car? We will purchase any make or model of vehicle regardless of its condition.

There are specific laws on how all scrap vehicles are to be dealt with (End of Life Directive). This directive states that all scrap vehicles (End of Life Vehicles) may only be treated at licenced sites. We are a fully licensed site. Where applicable we will issue an online DVLA Certificate of Destruction, see “Environment” for further details or FAQ’s. We are a DVLA Authorised Treatment Facility, with a current licence in accordance with the Environment Agency.

Your vehicle can be recovered by one of our expert recovery drivers, in accordance with our “Carriers Licence, and Operators Licence.” We recover vehicles from all over the country nationwide including commercial vehicles.

We achieve a minimum 85% recycling target in accordance with the Environment Act and End of Life Vehicle Legislation. Please see our Environment tab for further details, and our current licence numbers.

Please complete all fields of our online quote form above and one of our team will get back to you with a quote for your vehicle.

Scrap Your Car; Instant Decision, Quick Payment

Many payment methods are available including an immediate bank transfer into your account for your complete vehicle. You will be required to provide the V5 or proof of ownership.

Please be aware that scrap car values fluctuate depending on the demand for metal at the time of selling, this can lead to fluctuating prices.