Motor Body Services Salvage Yard

There is a growing awareness of the necessity to preserve natural resources; because of this manufacturers are increasingly building vehicles with recyclable materials. However the most effective way to recycle is to repair vehicles where possible and reuse recycled parts to repair them where possible.

Using ABI guidelines a vehicle categorised as C, D or X can be safely returned to the road, once repaired. If this can be achieved using recycled parts this is clearly the most environmentally friendly solution. All of our category B vehicles are broken to provide reusable parts for this purpose.

MBS wholly recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure the actions we take whilst conducting our normal business activities do the least possible harm to the Environment. As a responsible member of society we will make every effort to contribute to the repair, preservation and future wellbeing of the Global Environment in each and every phase of our Corporate Activity.

To this end, we commit to

  • We will make every effort to minimise waste.
  • We will make every effort to dispose of waste in the best practicable environmental manner possible.
  • We will aim to minimise our use of energy in all of its forms.
  • We will make every effort to recycle recyclable goods.
  • We will promote composting of organic material where applicable.
  • We will put the environment at the forefront of all business decisions and the purchasing of new equipment and adoption of new processes.

As both a member of our company and of society, we will encourage each of our employees to focus on the importance of making positive efforts to preserve the Global Environment and that they must do all that they can do in order to ensure the company, as a whole, acts in a manner befitting of our policy on the Environment.

Our Current Licences include

Environment Agency Licence

Certificate of Continuing Competence – WAMITAB

DVLA – Authorised Treatment Facility

Motor Salvage Operators Licence

Carriers Licence

Operators Licence

Scrap Metal Dealers Licence

Hazardous Waste Licence

All of the above are available for your perusal if required.